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"Life is not perfect but your nails can be."
Friendship and manicures

Why choose a dry manicure?

During a manicure in which the fingers are soaked in water the nail plate expands. It can take up to 24 hours for the nail bed to return to it's normal form. Hence, applying gel polish to an expanded nail plate can cause chipping soon after application.  

At Polished by April dry manicures are performed using diamond bits to exfoliate dead skin cells off the nail plate. Gel polish is then laid in a more efficient and effective way to allow longer wear. 

Structured Gel 

Multi-Flex Gel is ideal for those who want to grow their natural nails long and strong with no lifting or chipping, or for those who like short nails but still want a beautiful, strong, no-chip manicure. Gel polish can be applied over an overlay or worn in the many Luminary colors. 

White Structure
Book appointment based on the following tiers:

Tier 1 ($90)


Tier 2 ($110)

White Structure

Tier 3 ($120)


Tier 4 ($140)


About Me...

I am a licensed nail technician.  I pride myself in providing my clients with the best service in a clean and sanitary environment.  I am dedicated to providing the best products for my clients.  



April provides personal service and attention along with flexibility in scheduling appointments. Her friendly calm presence add that extra touch of relaxation while getting a manicure or pedicure. The two gel manicures and pedicure I have received lasted a very long time -- excellent service, product, and application! April is also willing to craft creative moments for you with friends or family. Five stars all around for Polished by April!!!

Polished by April is a great place for manicures. April is friendly, professional, and very flexible with scheduling. 

Randall M.

April is the best! She is my go-to for amazing nail art but also great at professional nails when I need to look great at work. I aways have a great experience!

Erin S.

Cindy B.


1300 SE Maynard Road, Suite 204, Cary, NC 27511  



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